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Last update August 22nd

Thank you for purchasing a CinéPasse eFCVQ 2020! Thanks to your contribution, we are able to break new ground and surprise you, year after year. 

If you experience any technical difficulties, please contact us on Facebook, by sending an email to questions@fcvq.ca or by calling (581) 300-3287

Enjoy the Festival!

The FCVQ 2020 team.


The CinéPasses can be purchased only on lepointdevente.com .
The CinéPasse is valid for one (1) person only and is non-transferable. 

Purchase of the CinéPasse is final - no exchanges or refunds. In-person screenings are not covered by the CinéPasse.
Most films are not rated according to Régie du cinéma standards. Viewing is thus entirely at your discretion.

The suggested minimum age is 16+, unless otherwise stated on the Festival website, catalogue, schedule, or any other means of communication on behalf of the Festival.


Video or still recording of the films is strictly prohibited. Failure to respect this regulation will result in immediate retrieval of the CinéPasse, and the culprit will be instantly reported to the authorities. 

Producers and/or directors are held entirely liable for the opinions expressed in the featured films. They do not reflect the views of the FCVQ. 
Despite the FCVQ’s efforts to ensure accuracy, mistakes may occur on the FCVQ website or its documentation. The FCVQ accepts no liability regarding mistakes that might appear on its website and documentation.  


The FCVQ attaches a vital importance to the protection of your personal data. The FCVQ takes all necessary technical, contractual, administrative, and commercially reasonable measures to ensure the protection of your personal information. The FCVQ guarantees that it will not disclose nor share your information with any third party, unless you have previously authorized us to do so. Furthermore, before we send your personal information to a third party, the recipient must commit to respecting strict contractual obligations to maintain the confidentiality of said information. However, the FCVQ would have to release your personal data if it was bound to do so by law, a court order or an authority with the power to compel it to disclose said information, or in order to ensure the protection or defence of a legal interest. The gathered information is for exclusive use by the FCVQ. The FCVQ commits to neither selling nor leasing your personal information to third parties.