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See you in 2022

Quebec, May 26, 2021 - The whole team of Quebec City Film Festival (QCFF) is deeply saddened and disappointed to announce that its upcoming 2021 edition, which should have taken place between September 16 and 25, 2021, will have to be cancelled.

“All options have been considered and examined", said Martin Genois, QCFF Executive Director. “Faced with a complex situation and some major uncertainty, cancelling the event is the only solution we’re left with." Although Quebec announced a slow reopening over the next few weeks, numerous major difficulties are paving the way as to be able to host an event which would meet our audience’s expectations. Short delays and the need for new sponsorships have turned into major and urgent concerns, insofar as Québec City Hall have decided to pull funding from the major summer events for this year, whether they’re digital or physical.

But we won’t stop working. Determined and focused on “offering a unique experience that both film enthusiasts and casual viewers will enjoy “, the whole QCFF team is already working on the 11th edition of the Festival. We may now look up to that!

“We’re committed to remain optimistic and creative, and we can’t wait to meet you again in 2022 for the Festival along with some brand new surprises.

Feel free to stay tuned for news and updates from QCFF as to keep in touch with us, and please stay safe and look out the others’.