Buvette - Gros Plan sur Errance sans retour

New this year! The show La Buvette du FCVQ presented at Le Diamant in Quebec City and broadcasted every evening from 6:30 p.m. In this relaxed and pop moment, our host Marième Ndiaye receives artists and craftmakers that are part of our 2020 program.

On this saturday night, Marième will receive the team behind the documentary Errance sans retour (Wandering, a Rohingya story), a world premiere at QCFF and a vertiginous and contemplative incursion in the daily life of a Rohingyas refugee camp. She will talk with Olivier Higgins, one of the co-filmmakers of the movie, and the narrator, Mohammed Shofi, about the genesis of the project and on the actual situation of the victims.

In addition, the Pianorama, acclaimed last year on the Place d'Youville, is back in the Buvette! The masterful Alexandre Racine improvises on old films, different each evening, to offer us a musical interlude.

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Salle Québecor et Salle Restos-Plaisirs

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Buvette - Gros Plan sur Errance sans retour

Olivier Higgins

Marième Ndiaye

Mohammed Shofi