15 January 2020 | Press release

The Québec City Film Festival (QCFF) announced today the departure of Programmer and Co-Founder Olivier Bilodeau, who leaves to pursue new challenges. A true and open-minded film lover, Olivier Bilodeau, who has led the programming of QCFF since its first edition back in 2011, has significantly contributed to building up this major event.Mr Bilodeau said that ‘his decision to leave QCFF was heartbreaking but I felt it was the right time to do so especially since the festival is now firmly rooted’. The decision was not only harsh for the organisation but also for himself : ‘I worked with amazing people over those ten years and they will definitely remain a great deal of inspiration for me’, said he. ’I feel honoured I could live all those fantastic moments - now I can leave with so many great memories! I’m truly proud of the evolution of our festival and also that I could help turning Québec City into a film destination, in my own way, benefiting the city and its many artisans. I wish to thank every collaborator who has contributed to the growth of QCFF.” Speaking in the name of the board, Chair Philippe Poulin congratulated a man who is a real passionate about film, deeply interested in people, showing an extraordinary dedication and mentioned: “Olivier is someone unique who managed to leave a specific landmark on our organisation. His tenure will be remembered by his many successes, his vision and his devotion.” As for Executive Director Ian Gailer, he wished to acknowledge “Olivier’s professionalism and charisma”. He added: “We’re facing the departure of an important member, but most of all, I’m losing a colleague whom I look up to as much as I appreciate. He’s always been a precious and supportive friend, no matter what challenges the organisation has undergone.”Collaborating to the Festival since 2014, Laura Rohard will be acting as the transition Programming Delegate until the entire hiring process has been completed. The position is now open on the festival website (www.fcvq.ca) and applications can be sent to info@fcvq.ca. QCFF will pursue its mission set back in 2011, i.e to be an accessible, inclusive and bold event, offering film lovers a unique experience, both diverse and bold. QCFF is a dynamic event that is passionate about making films and artists accessible in an informal and original way.
About QCFF

From September 10 to 19, 2020 QCFF will present to its population and visitors a celebration of Film in Québec City.