12 February 2020 | News

Friends and fellow filmmakers, distributors and producers, you can now submit your film to the FCVQ for the next edition, which will take place in Quebec City from September 10 to 19, 2020.

After a truly popular 2019 edition, which showcased the 7th art in all its diversity, while highlighting the local artisans, it is time to turn to the 2020 edition and to open the call of the movie.

Please keep in mind that only the submission of the completed form AND the payment of registration fees will serve as an official submission: please note that any submission by email or mail will not be considered.

The following film categories are eligible for sumission to QCFF 2020

  • films from the Québec area (shorts, medium length and feature films)

  • Canadian feature films

  • international films (shorts, medium length and feature films)

* Please note that Canadian shorts are not eligible for this 2020 edition.


Registration fees must be paid in order to complete the submission process, which are indicated at the end of the application form. The payment has to be made via Paypal or credit cards. Please note that these fees are not refundable.

Here are the different rates of registration fees according to the running time of the work submitted :

Before March 15 at 12AM (Eastern Canada Time Zone), enjoy our early bird rates:

  • less than 30 minutes = 15$ CAD
  • 30 minutes and more = 25$ CAD

From March 16 to May 15 at 12AM (Eastern Canada Time Zone):

  • less than 30 minutes = 25$ CAD
  • 30 minutes and more = 35$ CAD


  • All genres are accepted: animation, fiction, experimental, documentary, music video, etc. ;
  • Only films completed after January 1 of the year preceding the festival are eligible. 
    For instance, only films completed after January 1, 2019 are eligible for consideration for this year's edition of the Festival. 
  • Films that have been submitted for QCFF consideration in previous years are NOT eligible for re-submission.
  • Films that have been released theatrically in the city of Quebec or its neighboring regions, broadcast on television or online or available for purchase or streaming are NOT eligible for submissions to the festival.
    NB : However, the programming team may decide to select a film that has been released theatrically, broadcast on television or online, if it desires to do so. Such instances are solely at the discretion of the programming team.

In order to complete the registration, applicants are required to provide a web link so the members of the selection committee are able to view the submitted Film. DVDs, Blu-Rays, USB keys and any other physical format will not be accepted : if we do receive a film on disc or on any other physical format, the work will NEITHER be considered NOR returned to its sender.

  • Applicants submitting a film that contain significant spoken dialogue which might be in a language other than French or English, must provide on-screen English or French subtitles, so the programming committee may view the film.

Before you start filling out the form, we advise you to have the following documents ready and the registration officer MUST include in the form:

  • One (1) picture of each director : 1x 72 dpi (for the website) in landscape format preferably ;
  • One (1) picture of the screenwriter : 1x 72 dpi (for the website) in landscape format preferably ;
  • Two (2) pictures of the film : 1x 300 dpi (for the print catalogue) and 1x 72 dpi (for the website);
  • A short biography and filmography of the director and of the screenwriter, which ought not to exceed 50 words ; both French and English versions are strongly suggested. If the text provided is too long, there is a possibility that it will be shortened for catalogue layout purposes, while preserving its original meaning, and without notifying the Applicant.