L'écorce et le noyau (Documentaire audio)


Marie-Laurence Rancourt ,  Mehdi Cayenne


50 MIN




Quebec, Algeria



Popcorn, a soft drink, candy and a SOCIOLOGICAL AUDIO DOCUMENTARY on IMMIGRATION
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The world of the Hamdad-Gonny family opens up with one of the letters exchanged between Mehdi and his father during their 10-year-long divergence. Intimate tale about the immigration of a French-Algerian family facing racism in France as well as in Quebec, L’écorce et le noyau is also a deep journey in the relationship between a father who grew up during the Algerian war of national liberation and his son. A relationship in which the intimacy and the unknown stand alongside, at times affected by silence, at times by deep respect. Nowadays a father, Mehdi takes the first step needed towards the transmission and the recovery of parentage by meeting with Djilali where he left him many years ago, amongst the fantasy of the memories and the loneliness nurtured by secrets.

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Marie-Laurence Rancourt

Marie-Laurence Rancourt studies anthropology and sociology a Université Laval. During a temporary experience at the RTBF (Bruxelles, Belgium), she joins with a small team of radio documentary makers before developing her own documentary entitled Peut-être ils avaient oublié c’était quoi la radio ? (Maybe they forgot what was radio?) Following this, in 2016, she unites with the team La route des 20: la voix d’une génération on Radio-Canada. She quickly specialises in documentaries.

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Mehdi Cayenne

Medhi Cayenne is a free spirit, truly unclassifiable within the francophonie. With a broad variety of sounds all the same dulcet and gritty/grinding, he managed to improve his eclectic, minimalist and suggestive approach throughout his last three albums: Luminata (2011), Na Na Boo Boo (2013) and Aube (2015).

Sound mixing

Daniel Capeille



Original Title

L'écorce et le noyau (Documentaire audio)

French Title

L'écorce et le noyau

English Title

L'écorce et le noyau

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