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Focus Brésil : cinémas et résistances

Brezilian Focus : cinémas et résistances



The idea of bringing Brazilian cinematography to light in this 2020 edition, in the midst of a major global crisis, was self-evident, in light of a new wave of filmmakers who offer a positively unabashed, politicised, and extremely bold cinema. 


In a rapidly changing country, far from any picture perfect image, these seven screenings reveal an artistic community as alive as it is inventive, and offer an overview of Brazilian cinema through the thematic prism of resistance in its broadest acceptation, whether cultural, artistic, sexual, political, or social. 


These new voices reflect the blooming of liberating talents, and offer diverse perspectives on this troubled era of social tensions, climate disruption, economic crises, and structural societal struggles. 


From Linn Da Quebrada’s female body in Bixa Travesty, to teenage São Paulo skateboarders in Meu Nombre é Bagda, to favela residents resisting expulsion in Mormaço, everything testifies to an act of resistance, just like the bewildering surrealism of Bacurau, a dystopian fable that echoes the naturalism of No Coraçao do Mundo, a rich tapestry portrait of a popular district. In parallel, Kleber Mendonça Filho’s (Aquarius, Bacurau) Master Class, and a program of three short films, complete this focus, opening the door to dialog and to a greater awareness of contemporary Brazilian society’s realities.



No Coraçao do Mundo


Meu Nombre é Bagda

Bixa Travesty


Focus on Brazil: Short Films

Master Class with Kleber Mendonça Filho