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Welcome to 2020 QCFF!

This extraordinary edition will bring its share of questions, so here is some information that will be very useful to you!

If you cannot find the answer to your questions, please send your questions to the following email: questions@fcvq.ca

You can also contact us at the following telephone number: 581-300-3187

Can I watch the content of all the screening rooms at once?

Like at the real movie theatre, you can only view one movie at the movie! However, you can navigate from one room to another any time you want.

Does the CinéPasse grant me access to the in-theatre screenings?

No. The CinePasse only grants you access to the online programming. The possibility of holding in person screening is still currently a work in progress and the details of the box office will be announced at a later date.

Does an in-theatre screening ticket grant me access to the online programming?

No, you will have to purchase a CinéPasse as well in order to view our online content.

Must I pay for each day of the festival?

No! The CinéPasse grants you access for the whole 5 days of the festival.

Can I watch the films on my cell phone?

We highly recommend that you watch the content or a tablet, otherwise we cannot guarantee an optimal viewing experience.

Are the films in their original versions?

Yes, with French and English subtitles

Can I block ads?

Our Mechanic is designed to imitate a real in-theatre screening. Thus, just like at the movies, you must sit through the commercials and the trailers. The countdown on the screen will let you know how much time you have left before the actual start of the session, in order to plan your snack break!

Can I share my CinéPasse?

No, the CinéPasse should be used only by its owner.

Can I watch the films if I do not live in Quebec or Canada?

Only Canadians residents have access to the online content. It is not possible to view content outside the borders of our confederation due to geo-blocking

I registered with my Ipad. Can I watch the films on my laptop?

Absolutely! Log into your profile at fcvq.ca in order to watch the festival using your laptop.

How do I watch on my TV at home?

It is possible to watch on TV from your laptop and HDMI cable or other related device like Apple TV or Chromecast.

Is the festival available to all?

Of course! From cutting edge moviegoers to families, there is something for everyone.

Are there free screenings?

Yes, the Desjardins screening room will be available for free on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 September.

Can I get reimbursed?

Sadly, no.

I missed a screening. Can I see the film again?

The online FCVQ is based on the principle of the rendez-vous, and therefore sessions are only held once, as in a traditional festival. 

Can I watch all the movies whenever I want?

No. We want to reproduce the real effect of the festival. You must therefore be in front of your screen at the scheduled time of the screening, just like the old days!

Is there a printed program this year?

Due to the exceptional circumstances, no. However, we invite you to download the simplified schedule in PDF from the home page on fcvq.ca.