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Jury - Prizes and Grants - Winners from previous editions - Tartans


Jury of the competition - Feature Film


Anne Émond

Director and screenwriter

Anne Émond has written and directed seven short films. In 2011, she directed her first feature film, Nuit #1, which garnered several prizes and generated sales to many foreign countries. She signed Nos Êtres Chers (2015), Nelly (2017) and Jeune Juliette (2019), successful film also distributed in France. Anne is working on writing her next feature film.









Jacques Leblanc

Stage director and Director of the Conservatoire d'art dramatique de Québec

Jacques Leblanc is a Quebec actor and director born in 1958 in Trois-Rivières. From 2004 to 2016 he was artistic director of the Théâtre de la Bordée. He has been director of the Conservatoire d'art dramatique de Québec (CADQ) since May 2016.

Trained in violin at the Conservatoire de musique de Trois-Rivières, he graduated from the CADQ in 1981. One could see him at the Trident, at the Bordée, at the Théâtre du Bois de Coulonge, at the Théâtre Repère, at the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, at the Théâtre d'Aujourd'hui, at the Théâtre du Rideau Vert, at the Théâtre Denise-Pelletier, at the Ottawa National Arts Center. He has made numerous tours which have taken him all over Quebec and France.

He has performed under the direction of many directors including Robert Lepage, Serge Denoncourt, Jean-Pierre Ronfard, Lorraine Côté, Patric Saucier, Claude Poissant, Lorraine Pintal, Michel Nadeau, Gill Champagne, Bertrand Alain, Guillermo de Andrea.

In the early 2000s, he specialized in directing opera. He teaches acting to apprentice singers at the Faculty of Music of Laval University and is responsible and director at the opera workshop of this institution. In 2019, he will direct the third theatrical production of the 2019-2020 graduates of the CADQ with Le Dindon, by Georges Feydeau.


















Jury of the competition - Short Film


Vincent Biron

Director and Cinematographer

Since 2010, Vincent Biron has directed 5 short films, including Toronto International Film Festival winner Little Flowers, and A delusion of grandeur, selected in multiple festivals across the world. In 2016, his debut feature Prank is selected in the Venice Festival Critic’s Week.  He follows up in 2019 with Les Barbares de la Malbaie, released in 30 theatres across Quebec. In addition to his work as a director, Vincent collaborates as cinematographer with many directors such as Denis Côté and Matthew Rankin.





Sophie Nélisse


Sophie Nélisse already has an impressive acting career despite her young age. We were able to admire his talent in his first major film role in the film Monsieur Lazhar (Philippe Falardeau) in 2011. This role earned him the Jutra and the Genie Prize in the supporting role category. The same year, she began her participation in the popular TV series Les Parent. In 2013, she landed the main role in the feature film The book thief (Brian Percival), a role for which she received 3 awards (Spotlight Award at the Hollywood Film Festival and Best New Actor at the Nevada Film Critics Society and Phoenix Film Critics).

She participated in several Quebec feature films including Endorphine (André Turpin), in 2015, 1:54 (Yan England) in 2016, Au pire on se mariera (Léa Pool) in 2017 and Flashwood (Jean-Carl Boucher) in 2019. On TV, she was part of the series Demain des hommes (Yves-Christian Fournier) and the fourth season of L'Échappée (Myriam Bouchard and François Bégin).

Sophie has also toured in several projects in the US and internationally, performing alongside Noomi Rapace, Glenn Close, Cathy Bates, Indira Varma, Heather Graham, Adam Brody and others.



Annie St-Pierre

Director, actress and producer

Documentary filmmaker fascinated by parallel worlds populating everyday life, she directed, among other films, Migration amoureuse, a co-production with France and Belgium, winner of Best Documentary Hope Pierre Perraultand Fermières, a feature film presented at the closing of RIDM Festival and screened in more than 30 Quebec's theaters. Her first short fiction film 让 - 马克 · 瓦雷 won Best French Screenplay at Festival Regard. Apostle of independent cinema, she also collaborates as a scriptwriter, assistant, actress or producer with the directors who inspire her.





College Jury

The College Jury is a panel of five students from the five colleges in the Québec City area (Garneau, Ste-Foy, Limoilou, Collège Mérici  and Lévis-Lauzon). In addition, a film teacher acts as a mentor and jury president. Vincent Boulet accepted the role for this year’s edition. 

This jury awards the College Jury Prize from a selection of international feature films, both fiction and documentary, that are in the official selection.


A new jury in 2020!

AQCC Critics Award - First Feature Film

This year, the Association québécoise des critiques de cinéma (AQCC) represented by a jury of three cinema critics will award the best first feature film of the official selection.


Olivier Bouchard

Olivier Bouchard is a film critic for Cinéfilic and previously wrote for Point de Vues and Les Fiches du Cinéma. He also has written articles about video games and has independently developed and published A Game About.













Claire-Amélie Martinant

Claire-Amélie Martinant holds a master's degree in cinema and audiovisual law and subsequently devoted herself to the coordination of film festivals (FNC, FIFA, Vues d'Afrique). After her stint at the Festival du nouveau cinéma in 2015, she became a film critic for the web magazinee Panorama Cinéma. She was also a jury member for short film festivals (Prends ça court!, REGARD) and participated in the nomination of the Canadian film for the Oscars.









Louis-Paul Rioux

Louis-Paul Rioux is associate editor at Mediafilm, a Montreal press agency, since January 2000. In 2007, he was part of the AQCC-Espoir jury at the Montreal Festival du nouveau cinéma. He was also a member of the FIPRESCI jury at the Toronto International Film Festival, in 2012 and 2016. In 2015, he served on the Pan-Canadian Oscar Selection Committee.










Prizes and Grants


Grand Jury Prize - Feature Film

Grand Jury Prize - International Short Film

AQCC Critics Award - First Feature

College Jury Award

Local Talent Award


Creation Grant : 2 500,00$ - thanks secret donator!

Creation Grant : 1 000,00$ - thanks MaTV !

Filming Equipment : $20 000 (services) - Bourse / Grant : 500$ - thanks SPIRA

Postproduction : $10 000 (services) - thanks STUDIO ELEMENT !

Motion design : $10 000 in services, credits and creativity in all categories - thanks Studio Nord Est

2D animation and consulting services: $8 000 - Anything is possible, it's up to you! - thanks Du Coup Animation !

Website : $5 000 in services - The best film one-pager there could ever be - thanksI iX !

Graphic design : $4 000 in services, postr creation, flyers and banners - thanks Criterium Design !

Customized Creative Services : $4 000 (services) - thanks FRANGIN !

Sound Mixing : $5 000 OR $1 000 (services) - thanks PEAK MEDIA, Québec !

Subtitling : $3 000 (services) - thanks Université Laval, Festival REGARD et FCVQ !

Financing consulting: $1 000 in services, 5h of meetings in order to be off on a good start! - thanks Joëlle Nadeau, audiovisual financing consultant

Communications Consulting : $1 000 (services) - thanks Radieuses Communications !

Also Included

Unequalled Reception, Scouting and Assistance : Priceless - thanks Ville de Québec + Bureau du Cinéma de Québec ! 

People's Choice Award - Feature Film

People's Choice Award - Short Film






2020 - La déesse des mouches à feu, Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette (QC)

2019 - Kuessipan, Myriam Verreault (QC)
2018 - Une Colonie, Geneviève Dulude-De Celles (QC)
2017 - Sambá, Laura Amelia Guzmán and Israel Cárdenas (DO)
2016 - Peter and the Farm, Tony Stone (US)
2015 - Necktie Youth, Sibs Shongwe-La Mer (AF.S)
2014 - 20,000 Days on Earth, Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard (UK)
2013 - The Broken Circle Breakdown, Félix van Groeningen (BEL)
2012 - Elefante blanco, Pablo Trapero (ARG, ESP, FR)

2019 - Mad Dog & The Butcher - Les derniers vilains, Thomas Rinfret (QC) 
2018 - Smuggling Hendrix, Marios Piperides (CHY)
2017 - Los Nadie, Juan Sebastián Mesa (COL)
2016 - À peine j'ouvre les yeux, Leyla Bouzid (TUN, BEL, FR, EAU)
2015 - La démolition familiale, Patrick Damien (QC)
2014 - Un film de chasse de filles, Julie Lambert (QC)
2013 - Don Jon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (USA)

2020 - Errance sans retour, Mélanie Carrier et Olivier Higgins (QC)

2019 - Vivre à 100 milles à l'heure, Louis Bélanger
2018 - Pauline Julien, intime et politique - Pascale Ferland
2017 - Les rois mongols, Luc Picard (QC)
2016 - Embrasse-moi comme tu m'aimes, André Forcier (QC)
2015 - La démolition familiale, Patrick Damien (QC)
2014 - Un film de chasse de filles, Julie Lambert (QC)
2013 - The Broken Circle breakdown, Felix van Groeningen (BEL)
2012 - Et si on vivait tous ensemble?, Stéphane Robelin (FR, ALL)
2011 - The Artist, Michel Hazanavicius (FR)

2020 - Je m'appelle Humain, Kim O'Bomsawin (QC) and Sweet Thing, Alex Rockwell (USA)

2019 - Why Don't You Just Die! Kirill Sokolov (RUS)
2018 - Five Fingers for Marseilles, Michael Matthews (ZAF)
2017 - Swagger, Olivier Babinet (FR)
2016 - Manoir, Martin Fournier et Pier-Luc Latulippe (QC)
2015 - Necktie Youth, Sibs Shongwe-La Mer (AF.S)


SHORT FILMS (40 minutes OR LESS)


2019 - Une bombe au coeur, Rémi St-Michel 
2018 - Fauve, Jérémy Comte 
2017 - Toutes les poupées ne pleurent pas, Frédérick Tremblay
2016 - La Voce, David Uloth 
​2015 - Moulures, Guillaume Monette


2020 - Olla, Ariane Lebed 

2019 - L'été et tout le reste, Sven Bressner (NL)
2018 - Proch de Jakub Radej (POL)
​2017 - Scris/Nescris, Adrian Silisteanu (ROU)


2020 - Baamum Nafi, Mamadou Dia (SN)



2020 - Vie de rêve, Vincent Paquette et Sous Pression, David Labrecque 

2019 - Canicule, Fanny Perreault 
2018 - EX AEQUO Bonfires, Martin Bureau  ET Je la chante dans ma douche, habituellement, Mariane Béliveau 
2017 - Ballet Jazz, Maxime Robin 
2016 - La partie, Alexandre Isabelle 
2015 - La bagatelle, Franie-Éléonore Bernier, Anne-Marie Bouchard et Julie Pelletier 
2014 - Le frein, Gabriel-Antoine et Jonathan Roy 
2013 - Le camarade, Benjamin Tessier 


2020 - Toomas teispool metsikute huntide orgu, Chintis Lundgren (FR, EE, HR)

2019 - Je finirai en prison, Alexandre Dostie (QC)
2018 - Fauve - Jérémy Comte (QC)
2017 - Crème de menthe, Jean-Marc E. Roy et Philippe David Gagné (QC)
2016 - La partie, Alexandre Isabelle (QC)
2015 - La divine stratégie, Éliot Laprise et Martin Forget (QC)
2014 - Jamais je ne t’oublierai, Alexandre Desjardins (QC)
2013 - Le Chevreuil, Rémi St-Michel (QC)
2012 - Première neige, Mikaël Lalancette (QC)
2011 - Mokhtar, Halima Ouardiri (QC, MAR)




A creation of the Cercle de Fermières Beauport

Since 2018, the great ladies of the Cercle de Fermières Beauport, a women’s farmers’ collective, have been weaving the Festival’s tartan. Each awardee of the competitive component of the Festival receives one of these magnificent tartans.

The tartan, a wool cloth with criss-crossed, horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours, is worn as a symbol of one’s allegiance to a family. It makes us very proud!