Bonnie & Clyde


Arthur Penn


111 MIN






United States



War, war, that’s no reason to miss a BIOPIC about CRIME


For the fifth consecutive year, Antitube is pleased to partner with the Québec City Film Festival to offer the public a unique screening. This year, the American classic Bonnie & Clyde, a 1967 film directed by Arthur Penn, featuring Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty and celebrating its 50th anniversary, was chosen.

The choice of this film, which caused a scandal when it came out, is not insignificant, as it echoes what we planned last year with Heaven's Gate by Michael Cimino. If this latter work is considered the swan song of the New Hollywood, Bonnie & Clyde is seen as its beginning, its real kick-off.

At a time when the great American studios were struggling to seduce a new generation of moviegoers who did not recognize themselves in musicals and historical films, Bonnie and Clyde was a revolution. His anti-heroes were free, funny, casual. Coupled with a raw, frontal portrayal of violence and a nervous realization, this "glorification" of a life devoted to crime has confused American critics and enthusiastic audiences, quickly becoming one of the most important box office successes of the Warner Bros. history.

Bonnie & Clyde will pave the way for the films of Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Brian de Palma, William Friedkin and Robert Altman, as well as making Warren Beatty one of Hollywood's kings. American cinema was never the same again.

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Arthur Penn


Dede Allen


Burnett Guffey


Warren Beatty
Faye Dunaway
Michael J. Pollard
Gene Hackman
Charles Strouse

Original Title

Bonnie & Clyde

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