ID-The Generator

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iD - The Generator, is a brand new professional event built around storytelling (also called narrative communication). Passionate conferences and completely uninhibited encounters. A bridge between decision-makers, creative people, communicators and influencers. An exceptional experience of exploration and taking risks.

Inspired by Unique Speakers
Because we want to be inspired by the best, we carefully chose our speakers and panelists. In order to offer an extraordinary adventure we began with the key criteria of authenticity, sensibility and creativity.

Discover Fascinating Stories
Storytelling has the extraordinary power of transference and is recognized for its exceptional ability to make us experience strong emotions. But you need THE right story. The ones we will present are unparalleled.

Building a Community
What brings our participants together? Their curiosity, creativity and sense of innovation. They want to experience something that is entirely different, listen, see, share and reinvent.

About storytelling: Film, politics, advertising, communication, journalism and even business management, storytelling is everywhere. And for a good reason. It is one of the oldest forms of known communication. Whatever field it is applied to, if properly executed the story will move the person it is aimed at and succeed in touching by emotion rather than being limited to facts.

An event engineered to move you. For more information: