DOC DAY in Québec City

Une présentation de Doc Québec
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At a time when documentary cinema appears to be at crossroads, some filmmakers step outside the traditional framework in order to document reality and explore new ways of approaching subjects. How can we shoot, finance and distribute our work differently? With their feet firmly anchored on the territory or the urban world, panelists from all corners of the province invite us to think outside the box.

Pierre Blais

Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette & Émile Proulx-Cloutier
Marie-Laurence Rancourt
Nicolas Pâquet
Karine Dubois
Jean-Marc E. Roy & Philippe David Gagné

In addition to the discussion, Doc Day in Québec city suggests other screenings which will also take place at Théâtre Gros Becs :

3:30 - Bagages by Paul Tom
followed by
Processions by Coralie Lemieux-Sabourin
Carrière by Jean-Marc E.Roy
Dialogue(s) by Philippe David Gagné
7:00 - Pour la suite du monde by Pierre Perrault & Michel Brault
9:30 - Sur la lune de nickel by François Jacob

Attending DOC QUÉBEC’S co-president, Isabelle Couture, will introduce the organization before the panel, following DOC QUÉBEC’s wish to build stronger ties with the documentary community outside of Montreal.

A 5@7 Doc Qc, Mö Films & DCM will follow these talks !